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Gastrostomy Tube Care G-Tube Instructions & Tips

Follow At-Home Guide for Newly Created Gastrostomy Tubes Your child has had a tube placed in his / her stomach called a gastrostomy tube or G-TUBE. This tube provides another way to offer food and / or medicines. It also can be used to vent your child's stomach for air or drainage.

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Tube Feeding Using the Bolus Method Memorial

Tube feeding is when you get your nutrients through a feeding tube if you aren’t able to get enough through eating and drinking, or if you can’t swallow safely. Nutrients provide energy and help you heal. The bolus method is a type of feeding where a syringe is used to send formula through your feeding tube.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What can you put in G tube?

    You can easily feed yogurt through a g tube. Not if you gravity feed, but most of us who feed only real food through a g tube push food through with a 60ml cath tip syringe connected to an extension if the person has a low profile button or into the peg.

  • How do you take care of a G tube?

    Here are some tips for caring for a G-TUBE. Keep the area where the tube enters the skin clean and free from infection. A dressing is worn to protect the area and must be changed daily. Wash hands well and remove the old dressing. Clean the area around the tube gently with soap and warm water.

  • How do you remove a G tube?

    Removing a G tube without surgery is very quick and simple. The patient will go for a doctor visit. The doctor will remove the tube by deflating the balloon inside the stomach and then pulling the tube out.

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