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Galltec + Mela High quality Sensors for Humidity and

Show and log Digital Sensor data over RS232 and Ethernet. Calibrate or adjust your digital Galltec/MELA Sensor (s). Setup your MODBUS sensors. Log Digital Sensor data over RS232 and Ethernet in database. Share, visualize and manage data in TCP/IP network. Use Ethernet I/O device MFC-8800-DC/EM-LAN.

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KGC3.Ex/8 Galltec Mela Ukraine

We supply a full products and spare parts range of the company Galltec Mela to companies throughout Ukraine, thanks to the world-wide distribution network. Our team of experts will find the best prices for Galltec Mela - KGC3.Ex/8.By purchasing products of Galltec Mela with the help of our service, you get high-quality goods at the lowest prices. Do not waste your time looking for spare parts ...

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Humidity and Temperature Sensor type PC-ME

Fax +49 (0)7457-3758 E-Mail: [email protected] . MELA Sensortechnik GmbH D-07987 Mohlsdorf-Teichwolframsdorf . Germany Tel. +49(0)3661-62704-0 . Fax +49(0)3661-62704-20 E-mail:[email protected] . Internet: Product info sheet no. C 2.4 Humidity/-temperature sensor Meteorological design ...

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eStat20 DUO - Galltec Mess- und Regeltechnik - PDF

Fax +49(0)3661-62704-20 E-mail:[email protected] . Internet: eStat20 DUO Electronic Hygro-Thermostat with remote sensor head • Easy to install • up to 25 m cable length for remote sensor head • 2 potential-free switching outputs configurable as openers or closers • Setpoint and switching hystereses for temperature ...

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What can galltec and Mela sensors be used for?

    Galltec+mela offer a wide range of measurement and control instruments for humidity and temperature for a wide range of applications: hygrostats and humidity and temperature sensors with the classic Polyga® humidity measuring element, or sensors with the capacitive Mela® sensor element, sensors with a digital Plug-and-Measure-Unit which can be ...

  • Where is the headquarters of galltec in Esslingen?

    Galltec starts up - then known as "Gebrüder Gall" - in Esslingen, Baden-Württemberg, producing Polyga® humidity sensors and hygrostats. Due to continuous expansion, a new production and administration building is built (today the administration and development headquarters).

  • Where does galltec manufacture polyga hyostats in Germany?

    Developed by dedicated employees, our products are sold all across Germany, Europe and worldwide at attractive prices. Galltec starts up - then known as "Gebrüder Gall" - in Esslingen, Baden-Württemberg, producing Polyga® humidity sensors and hygrostats.

  • Who is the majority shareholder of Mela sensortechnik?

    Galltec becomes a majority shareholder in MELA Sensortechnik GmbH. The two companies complement each other perfectly. Development and production of the two measuring principles (hygrometric and capacitive) now come from a single source: A high benefit for inovation which aims to a high customer's benefit.

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