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K1EL WKUSB USER MANUAL Pdf Download ManualsLib

K1EL WKUSB WKUSB with WinKeyer3 User Manual W [nn] - Keying Weight can be adjusted in percentage from 25% to 75%. When set to 50 % the dit time is equal to the inter-element time, which is normal. Values less than 50 reduce weighting while values greater than 50 increase weighting.

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Related Manuals for K1EL WinKeyer3. Microcontrollers K1EL K44 Assembly Manual. Cw keyboard/reader kit (29 pages) Summary of Contents for K1EL WinKeyer3. Page 1 CW Processor/Keyer Introduction This document will describe the K1EL WinKeyer3 (WK3) IC and its’ various interfaces. WK3 is a third generation single chip Morse keyer IC.

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Introduction to the K1EL WinKeyer USB - YouTube

May 19, 2018 . A short introduction to the WinKeyer USB, the K1EL applications to manage it and integrating it with N1MM for CW contesting.The WinKeyer USB is available fro...

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K1EL CPO Recording Equipment Assembly & user's manual PDF

K1EL CPO Assembly & User's Manual. Download Assembly & user's manual of K1EL CPO Recording Equipment for Free or View it Online on All-Guides.com.

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K1EL CPO Manuals and User Guides, Recording Equipment

K1EL CPO Manuals & User Guides User Manuals, Guides and Specifications for your K1EL CPO Recording Equipment. Database contains 1 K1EL CPO Manuals (available for free online viewing or downloading in PDF): Assembly & user's manual .

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K1EL WKmini Morse Interface – WB3GCK QRP Amateur Radio

Jan 20, 2021 . There is a long list of software that supports WinKey keyers, including the N3FJP suite of software. The User Manual covers the N3FJP software, which was helpful. So, with a few mouse clicks, I was in business. All of this testing and setup took less than 15 minutes. Like other K1EL keyer products I own, the WKmini is a solid performer.

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K44 CW Keyer & Reader w/Keyboard I/F by K1EL

Mar 09, 2019 . Mar 09, 2019 . K44 CW Keyer & Reader w/Keyboard I/F by K1EL. The K44 is the Swiss Army knife of CW keyers. A CW keyboard interface, CW reader, iambic paddle keyer, backlit LCD display, and optically isolated keying outputs are all presented in one compact box. In addition, the K44 will operate many different modes including QRSS, HSCW, and conventional CW up ...

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How many messages can a k1el wkusb handle?

    Page 7 K1EL WKUSB WKUSB with WinKeyer3 User Manual capability to handle 12 messages in two banks. Don’t forget that you have to write the messages back to WK with the WriteWK button. If you want to test them, press the buttons on top of WK. Page 8 PC USB port.

  • How to expand k1el wkusb with winkeyer3 user manual?

    Page 33 K1EL WKUSB WKUSB with WinKeyer3 User Manual Expand (COM & LPT) Look for USB Serial Port (COMx) x is the port In the example above, the USB com port assignment is 4. If you have multiple USB Serial Ports listed and you are not sure which one is WK, disconnect WK from the computer and see which one is removed from the list.

  • How big is the k1el wkmini Morse interface?

    The WKmini keyer is a more simple, elegant approach. Its small form factor makes it ideal for portable operating. The WKmini Morse Interface from K1EL Systems. This compact device measures 2.25″ W by 1.75″ D by .5″ H.

  • Where can I find the wkusb user manual?

    Start AC Log. From the main application page, select the Settings->Transmit->CW Setup tab. That will bring up the CW Setup Form shown below. A list of the active com ports are shown, click on the one WKUSB is assigned to. Next select Winkeyer and then click Configure Winkeyer. WKUSB User Manual 12/20/2017 Rev 1.0...

  • How does a wkusb work on a computer?

    A WinKeyer based device, like WKUSB, attaches to a PC’s USB port and appears as a serial com port to an application running on the PC. The application, instead of generating Morse in software, sends the letters to WinKeyer. The application has full control over sending speed as well as weighting, spacing, and PTT generation.

  • What kind of CW keyer does k1el use?

    WKUSB, with a WinKeyer IC, is K1EL's original CW interface for the PC. It provides a convenient way to connect your PC to an amateur radio transceiver and send Morse both under computer control and by iambic paddle.

  • When did k1el make the winkeyer interface?

    K1EL created the Winkeyer interface back in 2001 and did all the work convincing software developers to incorporate it into their applications. WKUSB-SMT is a fully assembled and tested product, we no longer offer it in kit form.

  • Can a winkeyer wkusb run in standalone mode?

    Normally when a WinKeyer device is not connected to a host application it will run in standalone mode. WKUSB can be powered over the USB port or by a set of internal batteries. WKUSB in standalone provides a complete Morse keyer with lots of capabilities. Originally, configurations changes could only be made using commands entered on the paddles.

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