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6TRS-AUB 6TRS-AUC 6X-AU 30 Built-In 32E 32E-XL 32E-XL-AU 32E-XL-NO 36 Built-In 4000GDV 4000INC 4000INS 4000TV 4000WH 5000GDV 5000TV 6000 Modern 6000ARCH 6000BE 6000BEC 6000C 6000C IFT 6000C Modern 6000CAMP 6000CBV 6000CF 6000CL 6000CL IFT 6000CLX 6000CLX IFT 6000DVT 6000FLS 6000G 6000GBV 6000GCF 6000GDV 6000GDVFL 6000GL …

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Brochures & Specifications » Jetmaster

Heat & Glo 3X & 5X Owners Manual. Heat & Glo 6X Owners Manual. Heat & Glo SLR-X Owners Manual . Heat & Glo Mezzo Series Owners Manual . Kemlan Tempo Grand Installation Manual . Heat & Glo Mezzo 1000 CAD FILES. HEAT & GLO MEZZO 1300 CAD FILES. HEAT & GLO MEZZO 1600 CAD FILES . Heat & Glo I30-X Spares. Jetmaster Universal 1050 CAD FILES. X SERIES ...

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Jetmaster Heat & Glo:

Since 1979, JETMASTER HEAT & GLO has been the market leader in fireplace technology and design, offering inbuilt, single and double-sided fireplaces as well as freestanding units along with a variety of installation options. A fireplace from JETMASTER HEAT & GLO adds immediate value to a home.

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SL 5X AU Balanced Flue Gas Fireplace Heat &

5X AU Balanced Flue Gas Fireplace. Make the most of your space with the most fireplace for a slender 400mm profile. The popular SL 5X AU gas fireplace is ideal for nestling into tight spots and adding extra comfort with energy efficiency. Monitors ignition at all times to …

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Brochures & Specifications Jetmaster Victoria

Jetmaster specifications. Jetmaster burner specifications. Jetmaster general installation manual. 600, 700, 850 and 1050 operating instructions. Jetmaster Freestanding specifications. Jetmaster component specifications. Federation 300 burner specifications. Federation 300 installation and operation manual.

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Jetmaster HEAT & GLO REM-DLX-CE Remote Control

View online Programming for JETMASTER HEAT & GLO REM-DLX-CE Remote Control or simply click Download button to examine the JETMASTER HEAT & GLO REM-DLX-CE guidelines offline on your desktop or laptop computer.

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Intellifire Plus RC-300 - Jetmaster Vic

Intellifire Plus RC-300 Remote Control. 1. Pairing the Remote to the Fireplace. Open the drop down panel at the base of the fireplace (XLR, MEZZO & i30 excluded). Locate the Control Module (picture 1). Move the small black sliding switch to the remote position (far right position). If this is already in the remote position, move it to the off ...

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Heat & Glo Mezzo 1300 Flues and Fires

Modern Design, redefined. The Mezzo series from Heat & Glo features clean, minimalistic lines and impressive heat output. Every corner, every edge and every element of the Mezzo is all about perfection. High gloss black porcelain interior, LED accent lighting and crushed glass bed come together to create an enviable statement piece for any home. Available in 3 sizes - 1000, 1300 & 1600

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where can I find the Jetmaster installation manual?

    Save this manual for future reference. Heat & Glo, a brand of Hearth & Home Technologies 7571 215thStreet West, Lakeville, MN 55044 Copyright 2014 • Printed in U.S.A.

  • What kind of fireplace is Jetmaster heat and Glo?

    JETMASTER HEAT & GLO offers built-in fireplaces that are single, or double-sided, as well as freestanding units that can be installed according to a variety of options. Getting a fireplace from JETMASTER HEAT & GLO will add great value to your home.

  • Why is my Jetmaster gas door not approved?

    • Improper positioning of the gas logs or the glass door • Installationand/or use of any component part not manufactured or approved by Heat & Glo, brand of Hearth & Home Technologies, not withstanding any independent testing laboratory or other party approval of such component part or accessory.

  • Is it safe to install Jetmaster air conditioner?

    Appliance is to be installed in full compliance with the National Gas Installa- tion Standard AS5601, the manufacturer's instructions, and any local authorities' re- quirements for gas, electrical and building regulations. This appliance and its components are tested and safe when installed in accor- dance with this Installation Manual.

  • What are the installation instructions for Jetmaster Universal Wood?

    Installation Instructions for Jetmaster Universal Wood or Gas Installation Instructions for Jetmaster Universal Wood or Gas THESE INSTALLATION SHEETS MEET THE MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS OF AS/NZS2918:2001. THESE INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS ARE BASED ON AMDEL TEST REPORTS M3681/88,M3765/88 AND M5572/89.

  • What kind of framing and sheeter does Jetmaster use?

    Heat & Glo Mezzo Series Framing & Sheeting Manual Jetmaster Universal Freestander Installation Manual HORIZON 3 SIDED Natural Draft Installation Manual

  • How do you install Active flue on a Jetmaster roof?

    The outer flue is then installed outside active flue with crimp facing up to ensure water penetration on flue above roof runs out. Rivet active flues together at crimped joins. Fix outer non-active flues to active inner flues use 3 x 25mm self-tapping screws through outer flue at bottom at each join and on top at each join.

  • How to turn the pilot burner off on a Jetmaster?

    Lighting Instructions (See Diagrams) TURNING MAIN BURNER OFF WITH PILOT BURNING 1. Depress and turn conntrol knob clockwise from ON to PILOT position. TURNING PILOT AND MAIN BURNER OFF 1. Depress and turn control knob clockwise from PILOT position to OFF position.

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